And happy birthday to me while I'm at it...
So...the Humane Watch people (a very cool bunch, by the way - got themselves a spokescat.  Snark isn't the most attractive  feline in the litter box, but he's got some good stuff to say.  Anyway, I figured if a cat can have a blog, then I owe it to my species to have one for us dogs.  And believe me, at ten years old, I have PLENTY stored up to tell y'all.

So here I am.  I'm an Irish Setter. and like Snark, I've got plenty to say about HSUS, but first there's this big load of dog poop y'all need to step around. It's called animal rights. What a total crock.  What rights don't I already have?  There are plenty of laws that say I should be fed, sheltered and treated nice. Beyond that, what else do I need? 

Well, apparently, there are some wacko nutjobs out there who think I have the "right" not to live with people.  Hellooo? Did anyone ask us?  Of course not, because you don't speak our language.  Well, listen up, because I'm here to tell you that dogs and humans have been partners ever since a wolf checked out the humans' hangout, got food handed to him and a cozy spot by a fire for snoozing.  Three squares and a warm bed. Why would we want to walk away from that?

I have a lot more to say about animal rights, HSUS, PeTA and a whole mess of other stuff, but I've got beef ribs and turkey necks waiting.  See what I mean?  Can't beat the service!

One last this point, you may be saying that all of this is totally anthropomorphizing (go ahead, look it up.  I'll wait).  And you'd be right.  Well, why not?  It's fun as long as we all remember one thing.  I am a dog. I'm not a person.

By the way, I was asked if I shared my birthday cake with the other two Setters here.  I said yes, but for some reason they don't believe me.  Seriously, would this face lie to you?
Later, peeps.
11/2/2010 12:10:51 pm

Well Liam, you are definately an amazing setter. See I happen to love Setters so you go right ahead and voice your opinion and share all your poop with this blog. At ten you deserve to speak (woof) your mind. Love it love it and love it more. You rock dude.

11/3/2010 04:44:51 am

Happy birthday big bro.... you sure are one dancing dog that's for sure. I'm not sure about all this animal rights stuff....that's Mom's soap box, whatever that means. All I know is I have a warm place to sleep in, a big park to play in, lots of good treats, and a human to snuggle with when the day ends. If that is threatened by Animal Rights, like Mom says, then all I gotta say is GRRRRRRR.


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